• What is Coach-T?

    The First AI Tennis Coach That Help You Learn Better

    Coach T is an artificial intelligence coach for tennis lovers and beginners. It enables users to “take a private coach home” and practice anytime and anywhere, thus making tennis learning more efficient, freely and affordable. Equipped with Intel Cuire module, it can record and memorize every movement in practice, recognize the correct movement and give instant feedback and instructions to the users through a mobile App or a Bluetooth headset. Users can also monitor and replay individual trace of movement and compare it with the standard coach movement pre-stored in the database. In this way, he can have a much clearer view of his learning status so as to improve more quickly.




  • Our Story

    The founder of coach-T is keen on playing tennis. To learn tennis well, she went for a private coach while encountered some problems. She noticed that she was repeating the same action for the most of the time during the class so that her coach can give instructions. After the class, she wanted to practice but she didn’t know whether her poses are right or not without a coach by her side.

    One day, she saw a live broadcast about Curie neuron network used on behavior learning. It occurred to her that she could use Curie to “bring a coach home”. In this way, she can pracitse freely and make time management more flexible. What’s more, the efficiency of the class will be greatly improved.

  • Our team

    Young and Passionate

    Hiry Gong


    Hiry is good at pointing out interesting ideas in our everyday life and Coach-T is one of his bests.

    Sun Peng

    project designer

    With a keen love for design and creativity, Sun is dedicated to providing a better outlook of the project.

    Jane Liu

    project manager

    Jane has a deep interest in the intersection of art and technology with rich experience in marketing.

    Evelyn Gu

    website editor

    Responsible for all the website edit, Evelyn is trying her best to make page alive.

    Lynno Wang

    market researcher

    Lynno loves to communicate with others and shares ideas. She is in charge of all the surveys.

    Tanzz Tan

    layout editor

    Tanzz is responsible for designing the layout. He always knows what is best for the page.

  • Our Partner

    Two is better than one.

    Maker Collider


    Maker Collider is Intel’s closest business partner for developing maker community in China. Maker Collider is dedicated in helping our partners build maker spaces, providing advanced open-source tools, supporting innovative maker projects, helping validate the market by crowd-funding.

    Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL)


    Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, established by Maker Collider and SIDA, is a space and a platform for worldwide makers to communicate and cooperate. The lab dedicates in exploring the issues and developing solutions to connect the massive production ecosystem to small hardware startups so as to promote the international standing of Shenzhen in the development of digital intelligent hardware and manufacturing and build a future intelligent hardware Silicon Valley by combining new open source method and current manufacturing system in Shenzhen.

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